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  • Listening to: Dope - Die MF Die
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A.A.A. Cercasi Disegnatori/illustratori per collaborazione in progetto ludico-creativo. L'opera consiste nel realizzare raffigurazioni di singoli soggetti tramite una breve descrizione assegnata. Gli interessati possono inviare una mail a oppure rispondere in messaggio privato. Invieremo maggiori informazioni.


Wanted Designers / illustrators to collaborate in  a creative projects. The work is to build representations of individual subjects through a brief description assigned. Those interested can send an email to respond or private message. We will send more information.
Sorry for the traslation, my English is not very good.

  • Listening to: beetlejeuce soundtrack
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  • Playing: soul reaver 2 (again)
  • Eating: pasta
  • Drinking: milk(as always)
hello!im sorry for the long absence but actually i dont have a internet connection at my home,than forgive me if i dont respond to your comments.hope to come again online :)
anyway thank u so much for all the faves and comment i appreciated it so much like ever :bow: :D (sorry for the bad english)
see you soon.bye.

my girlfriend :D


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